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2-3-4 Letter Words

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Make 2-4 letter words using the letters on the shelf. You have a set of 98 letters to play with.Each time you add a letter to the table, a new letter replaces it on the shelf.When you have made a word, click on 'submit'. Any 4 letter word is automatically submitted.ScoringLetter distribution and scores are the same as in Scrabble.4 letter words obtain a 10 point bonus.Words submitted bfore the clock runs down obtain a 5 point bonus.2 adjacent die-faces are the same color, those letters score double.3 adjacent die-faces are the same color, those letters score triple.4 adjacent die-faces are the same color, those letters score quadruple.You may only use each word once (there are almost 6,000 words in all).If you use a word more than once, the word scores negative.If you place a non-valid four letter word on the table, the score is deducted (color sequence boni do not count).You choose when the game is over:When you run out of letters in a Letter Set, you will be given the choice of- completing the Letter Set and submitting your score,- renewing the Letter Set (ie receiving 98 new letters) and continuing with the current game.. Make as many 2-4 letter words as possible. The Jumbly database contains almost 6,000 words - all valid for Scrabble. This game is perfect for learning those all-important short words for Scrabble. Sounds easy ? An easy start gives way to increasingly diminishing returns as you run out of words. The art is the choose the optimal moment to stop and submit your high-score... before it starts to fall !...

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