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October 27th update - after less than 9 days from the primary-viral release (not counting sitelocked versions on big portals that will be published from Oct. 28 on): - more than 1 Million plays - 4.5 million battles fought - 31:30 mins Average Play Time Kongregate Frontpage with rating 4.03 ----- Welcome to the ultimate turn-based Arena RPG Flashgame! Apokalyx is the result of 1 full year of hard work of the professional multi-awarded Xplored development team: 15 years know-how in videogame industry 25 successful flashgames produced 7 awards on in the last year 100+ million players entertained ...till today Play our former games on ----- 10+ hours gamplay granted for fidelizing players and bringing repetitive plays to the sponsors site distributed into different days. A new set of deeply tested stats&combat rules. Customize your character, purchase armors and weapons. Get info on the enemies and hire gladiator allies. Learn and develop your supernatural abilities: 3 different Paths, 18 Spheres, 90 special Powers! 7 voiceovers/spoken videos and 170 voicerovers/spoken dialogues! 3 arenas, 60 battles, against more than 100 different gladiator opponents! Conceived and developed as a wide cross-media project (the Company is dealing editorial rights on the related novel-book and board RPG), 'Apokalyx' is now available as the first game experience of the oncoming multiplayer free online RPG saga. A dedicated website is just ready for some more informations and will be contantly developed and updated with future contents and features, on Planned to implement (if requested) Facebook features (share, invite, challenge,...), Microtransactions (special items, weapons, armors, potions, powers,..) and sponsor' API for medals, badges, highscore,... ----- Cheats to speed up your testing: Press 'T' to skip tutorial Press 'X' to win a battle (while in arena) Press 'O' to go to next city...

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