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Beta Sector

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Controls are WASD + Mouse. Use number keys 1-5 to change between available guns. Killing enemies will reward you with points that you can spend on more advanced weaponry between waves. There are 8 weapons to choose from. (For testing, we included 1000 bonus points so you can buy anything) Some COOL STUFF to take note of  Bloodsplatters and dismembered bodyparts will remain on the floor permanently, piling up in a delightfully gory manner! The walls can be destroyed strategically. Its also very satisfying to blast holes in things :) The music changes to suit the pacing of the waves There are several unique enemy types, each with specific behavior . Survive as long as possible while you are hunted by zombies, giant spiders and aliens in a mysterious space station. Your flashlight, weapons and reflexes are your only friends in this dark science-fiction game!...

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