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Black Sky: Tower Defense

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Black sky: Tower Defense Fast paced tower defense game set in space. 50 waves spawning 20 enemies each. Boss enemies every 5 levels. Killing a boss unlocks an ability. Towers have ammunition and reload once it is spent. 9 Levels: 3 single lane maps, 3 double lane maps and 3 triple lane maps. 8 Tower types: Machine gun, minigun, laser, lightning, cannon, missile, slowing and boosting. 5 Enemy types: and their boss variations. Standard, fast, armoured, shielded, cloaked and an ultimate boss. 5 Unlockable abilities: Double range, double damage, instant reload, slow enemies and drop bomb. . Fast paced and challenging tower defense game set in space. 50 waves. 9 maps of various difficulty. Several boss types. Unlockable abilities. Towers have ammunition and reloading times requiring strategic placement....

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