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Bug Tunnel Defense

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The game is a pathing tower defense game, with guns placed to shoot enemies and guide them to the exit or exits. As well as the features expected in such a game it has two unique features. Tunnels: All forty missions include tunnels which greatly increase the strategic component of the gameplay, making no two missions the same. Some tunnels help the bugs, and need to be blocked, some can be used to make bugs take longer routes, some can be used as bottlenecks to funnel bugs past guns. Later in the game the player can add extra tunnels, increasing the strategic possibility and replayability. Editor: A full editor is included in the game, able to create any of the levels in the game, with additional graphical options not seen in the main game. Currently the editor is unlocked on completing the main game but this could be changed to e.g. only worked on one site. GamerSafe's LevelVault is used to store levels, with an in-game level browser. Other features include: five bug types, five gun types with bosses and gun levels upgrades and achievements music and stereo sound multiple in-game branding opportunities a tutorial in-game help small size (2.3 MB) The game is played with the mouse, but the following keyboard shortcuts are also available 1-6: choose a tower or (later levels) wall N: place a selected flower or wall under the cursor U: upgrade the selected tower S: sell the selected tower W: Send the next wave early X: (when paused) exit the game M: Mute and change the sound effect volume  K: Toggle the music The unlock button on the main screen can be used to access all levels and features, including the editor and level browser, for testing; it will be removed before release. Saving (except for user created levels) is disabled if this button is used until the game is reloaded.. A pathing tower defense game with forty unique levels, walls, tunnels, challenging strategic gameplay and a level editor....

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