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How to Play: Arrow Keys - Movement including jumping. Press down while magnetizing on a wall to decline. 'A' Key - Hold to magnetize onto walls and ceilings. Move into a wall to scale up it. 'S' Key - Fires a ricocheting energy bullet for 5 energy, a good basic attack. 'D' Key - Releases an energy blast for 10 energy, used offensively and defensively. 'R' Key - Restarts the current level the player is on, restarting cost a death. 'M' Key - Mutes or plays the music at any time, can also use right click menu. 'P' Key – Stops the game and allows the player to view the pause menu. 'Q' Key - Toggles the graphics quality of the game, can also use right click menu. Key Features: Innovative platforming concept that provides an enriching experience. Two selectable game modes to target both casual and hardcore players. Over 30 unique levels including an engaging boss battle at the end. Obstacle elements such as heat pads, lasers, teleportation, and magnetic disruptors. An energy bar for the player to keep track of their power resource per level. Power resource used for not only magnetizing, but attacks as well. Attacks include shooting energy bullets, and powerful energy blasts. Comprehensive 'How To' sections to aid in teaching the player how to play. Over several different types of enemies, including turrets and spawn boxes. Complete with an engaging pause menu and right-click menu options. Game automatically saves and can store up to four save files. Option to submit deaths as a high score upon winning the game. Several sponsor branding locations, including while playing and walkthrough options. . Introducing the marriage of magnetism and platforming into one single union with 30 levels and a boss battle in this innovative puzzle/action themed game....

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