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Do you want to try yourself in the role of an electrician? If you do, try to play ElectroSpinner - the game which will transfer you to the world of electric contacts, printed circuit boards and high voltage! Сatch the escaped electric signals and bring them back to their sources. Sounds simple enough, but don't do hasty conclusions: the only thing you have under your control is a small spinner which spins around contacts. So, prepare yourself for a challenge, this game will require both - your brain and your speed of reaction. InstructionsHandle the spinner by keeping pressed either left of right arrow. Press space bar to change spinner's direction of rotation. Press up arrow to speed the spinner up, and down arrow to speed it down. Pay as much attention to the controls on the first level as possible because good understanding of the spinner's movements is the key to success. Good luck, hope you'll like this little game :). Catch electric signals and send them back to their sources. Sounds simple, but it's not: each circuit board has a unique set of elements, some will simplify the job, others will make it impossible. This game will test both - your brain and reaction....

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