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English Pub Pool

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English Pub Pool is a cool new pool sim with lots of game modes and quick AI players. It's main features are the 8-Ball and Straight Pool Tournaments, but it also has several Challenges and Time Attacks. Game Modes 6 Tournaments (three 8-ball and three Straight Pool) Single Matches (8-ball and Straight Pool modes - Human Vs Human or Human Vs CPU) 5 Challenges 2 Time Attacks Practice Goals Win 6 tournaments to try to become rank #1 and drink pints to unlock all 15 AI players. Play single matches to win special trophies. Play challenges to win bronze, silver and gold trophies. Play time attacks to win bronze, silver and gold trophies. Win over 60 trophies while playing the different game modes for various achievements. Pints are drunk as you play the different game modes. Drinking pints unlocks more AI players that can be used in single match mode. Game Engine I've created the physics engine and the AI players to a good and challenging standard. You're able to put top, back and side spin on any shot and the collisions are accurate to the real world - so the ball's inertia energy increases as they role across the table. Stats, Top Scores and Rank All of the users stats, tournament wins and top scores are saved locally on their computer, so the users can return to the game and try to improve their rank at a later time. The Story So Far English Pub Pool was released exclusively on Kongregate and It is the highest rated 8-ball pool game on kong with a rating of 3.78. It didn't make the front page of Kong, but still has been played about 300,000 times, and has been played many more than that on my official site. The simple Random Potting challenge was released as a game by itself and has had over 24,000,000 game loads and still going strong - mainly thanks to I hope the full release of the game will be just as successful - please give it a try! Offers Let me know if you'd like an spec...

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