Flash DROD: KDDL 1

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Note: To move diagonally use either Numpad 7912 or the keys 79jl. You can also redefine the keys in-game. Update 16-07-2012, v. 1.1.8: Now, the first time you visit the title screen all of your medals should be reuploaded. By 'the first time you visit' I mean first visit on each page refresh. Beethro Budkin, fifth-generation professional dungeon exterminator, was hired by King Dugan to clear the king's multi-level dungeon of a large monster infestation. Beethro charges by the room, and as a professional, he is contract-bound to clear all the monsters from each and every room in the dungeon to get paid. The only weapon Beethro needs to do his job is a Really Big Sword(tm), which will defeat almost any monster in a single hit. Your objective is to clear each level of King Dugan's Dungeon of monsters. This feat can be accomplished using only your Really Big Sword(tm) and your wits. Each room is a separate area that has to be cleared in a single session. Should you leave a room without completely clearing it, it will be restored to its initial state when you return. Compete against players from all over the world, going for best score in each room by completing it in the fewest number of moves. To have your scores submitted to the leaderboards, register a user account on the Caravel Forum and provide your username in the Options menu. By default, free account score submissions will remain for two weeks. Purchasing a CaravelNet membership will make them permanent. With a CaravelNet membership, retrieve a CaravelNet Key from your forum user profile, and enter it in alongside your username on the Options menu. If you do not type in the details, you will be only notified what place your score would've attained (so-called anonymous scores). . Turn based puzzler about slaying monsters and delving into holds? That makes no sense....

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