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Funny Bunny

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Description:Bunnies went skiing and got lost.On the way home bunnies are endangered by their rivals - Foxes.Foxes could eat bunnies, so let's help bunnies to get home!A home of bunnies is marked with a flag. How can we help bunnies?We can show them a way by placing arrows.Bunnies and foxes can fall into a pit.Be careful!Instructions:Mouse click (drag and drop).Bring the bunnies to the flag.Set the pointer to change the direction of the character.Pointers can be moved on the field or even removed.You goes around the pits and foxes.The collision with the wall character wants to rotate in a clockwise direction, if there is also a wall, then he turns clockwise.Key features:+ 35 levels+ colorful graphics+ level editor, save and send levels url or text code+ friendly 'how to play' (animated movie, educational levels)+ help button - shows the solution(for all levels)+ walkthrough. This is an interesting puzzle with funny characters. There are 35 levels. There is a cool level editor. You can create your own levels and share them (url or text code). Bring your bunnies to an goal and avoid dangers.Please download the full distributional file with screenshots and preview different formats:

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