Iceblast: Level Challenge

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Control 3 unique characters and destroy as many ice crystals as you can before time runs out! Each character has their own special ability: Skye (Red haired girl): She is quick to attack and recover, but can only destroy one shard at a time Luna (Brown haired girl): She is powerful and can destroy 3 shards, but needs to rest longer. Sun (Black haired girl): She can create mirages and target 3 crystals at a time but requires a long rest time. Use the characters wisely to set up chain reactions. Chain reactions are when you have a few single-shard crystals next to each other. Destroying one will start a chain reaction of destruction as each exploding crystal destroys any neighboring crystals. Each 'link' in the chain will increase your score multiplier. Create combos for even higher scores. Combos are when you completely destroy any crystals successively. So destroying crystal 1, then crystal 2 will give you a 2x multiplier. Destroying crystal 3 will give you a 3x multiplier and so on. If on crystal 4 you don't manage to completely destroy it, the combo is stopped. Create a 10x combo and reveal the POW button. Clicking on it will reduce all crystals on the stage by 1 shard. If the combo is stopped, the POW button dissapears so be careful! At the end of the game, you can submit your score and compare it to others! Have fun!. Its a global freezing! Use 3 unique characters to destroy ice crystals and create chain reactions and combos to get the highest score!...

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