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Given a six letter scrambled word, try to solve as many three, four ,five, and six letters words as possible. SEE BOTTOM FOR KEYBOARD CONTROLS: You start with 25 seconds, and each correct word submited adds to the clock. Bigger words add more time. The clock starts as soon as you click a letter. If you click 'new word' button before the clock starts, you will be given a new scrambled word to work with. After clicking letters to spell your word, click submit to check it. If correct, it will be displayed on the board. Press shuffle to re-scramble the letters, and maybe it will give you a hint for a word. Press last to load the last word, handy for speedy spelling of words like RAT, RATE, RATES. Press clear to clear the selected letters. The game has a pause button to allow for interuptions, but the screen is covered while it is paused. There are two arrows at the bottom right to allow you to select different themes for the game. Have fun. Keyboard Controls: Press a letter to select the letter. 'ENTER' to submit a word 'SPACEBAR' to shuffle the letters. 'CTRL' to to clear the board. 'SHIFT' to pause the game. 'BACKSPACE' to load last word. Press left or right arrows to change the theme. Press down arrow to select a new word before clock starts.. Text Twist clone with keyboard and mouse support and a different time dynamic....

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