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Background: A single outpost in the wastelands is under attack by hordes of robots programmed only to destroy. The outpost, originally used for a military experiment of the Nautilus, a THEL (Tactical High-Energy Laser) system, now has to face true onslaught. For how long can you survive, eh? Face 18 levels filled with unique and devestating enemies with only a laser turret and 3 special powerups, while trying to reach an high level and accumulate high score. Keys: Left / Right Arrow Keys - Rotate Turret. Up / Down Arrow Keys - Change Turret Range. Space - Fire Laser. 1 - Use Nova Powerup - Destroys enemies in a small radius around the turret. 2 - Use Repair Powerup - Partially repairs the turret. 3 - Use Charge Powerup - Partially regenerates the laser charge. Powerups are given each 500 points. You can accumulate up to 9 of them. Note: The game is meant to be hard, especially for the first few games. After a few games, a player will be able to control the turret more efficienly and use the powerups in the right moments (remember, the powerups are part of the game, without them the game is impossible). Tips: Do not be afraid to spam the Repair powerup. Without it you cannot beat the game. Novas are a great way to counter armies of small robots surrounding your turret. Just wait before they gather around and unlease a Nova. Suicide-Robots are easily countered by waiting for them to approach the turret and using Nova. Don't let too many 'Vampire Robots' (Nosferatus) gather around you or you'll lose your laser charge quickly. One of them only slows your regeneration, but three or more can make you lose the game if you run out of charge. In these cases, just use Nova to kill them, or recharge using the Charge powerup. Novas cannot kill the Bike-Robots, even though it seems like they can. This is just them playing with your mind. Best way to deal with Phase robots (the robots with teleportation), is to kill them before they are able to teleport for th...

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