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Paint Blood

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How to find an exit from an invisible maze? Well, you get to be an artist and use the blood of your enemies to paint the walls with it. When you paint your path through the maze, you must find keycards to unlock and destroy a processing computer. After destroying it you will be transfered to the next more complex maze and so on until the last maze where you must destroy the main computer freak and alien boss. There are many useful power-ups in the maze! Find, collect and use them against your enemies. But be careful, there are also several power-downs.For every killed alien you get money which can be spent in shops for buying better arms and more ammo! Controls: Move: Cursor keys or W, A, S, D Fire: left mouse Action: space Change arms:1 : gun2 : machinegun3 : shotgun 4 : x-ray sniper 5 : rocket launcher . How to find an exit from an invisible maze filled with cruel aliens? Paint the walls of the maze with blood of your enemies and then explore it to find the answer!...

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