Pico Brawler 2012

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====: CONTROLS :==== Arrow Keys = Move F = JumpRight, Right or Left, Left to Dash; Dash then Jump to Long Jump or Dash in midair to Airdash.D = PunchS = KickCombo: Press quicklyPower: Hold down the buttonRear: Simultaneously press the direction you are not facing and the attack button (i.e, if facing left, press [Right] + [D] to do Rear Punch)Dash: Press while DashingAerial: Press while airborneGrab: Press while close to your opponent to grab.From D Grab, press [Right] or [Left] to throw the held opponent in the given directionFrom S Grab, press [S] to knee the opponent or Dash in the current direction to flying kneePress [S] or [D] quickly to switch. Ace the SuperVillain's hastily constructed Pico Day entry 2012. ...

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