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Project Mongoose

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Controls: Arrow Keys Information: This game has two modes of gameplay that are both unique. The first one (adventure mode) features a never-ending barrage of colorful meteors through which the player must navigate. The further you get, the more points you are awarded. Bright and cheery backdrop included The second, puzzle mode is slower paced and requires more thinking. It is targetted towards a slightly less aggressive audience. Unlike adventure mode, there is no constant pressure - you can take as long as you'd like to finish the levels. Latest Update(s) (new updates included with latest patch): Fixed Adventure mode bug that stops the meteors at about 375 feet (they now keep falling forever, until the player gets hit, as it should be) High Score Support (mochi ads) New Preloader (also mochi ads) Past Updates: Adventure Mode: - Added Double Jump ability - Meteors now explode when they hit builidings (not just the ground) - Added extra background layer of buildings for added visual fun! - Meteor Explosions are now a little quieter. - Added 'Tips' that show at the high scores screen - Game Pauses for a couple seconds after death so that the player can see how it happened. -reduced lag significantly -set a maximum number of meteors that are allowed to present at a time. This reduces lag, and allows for fair play (otherwise, the screen could fill completely with meteors, lagging everything up, and making it impossible to get any further) -added explosion visual and sound effects for when the meteors crash Puzzle Mode: -It has been made more clear that you must use the mouse (and click to place) the placeable tiles. -Improved Collision Detection -Added a level (there are now 13). Jump over and under falling meteors to get as far as you can in adventure mode, or exercise your mind to complete over 10 levels in puzzle mode....

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