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Quest For Power 2

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Save your kingdom, Arthur! Create an army to conquor the evil warlords! There are 10 lands to defeat! Use your gold to buy troops and fortifications. Your most powerful weapon is your Cannon Use it to fire boulders at your enemy! It is also the best weapon you have for destroying your enemies castle and towers! You can upgrade your cannon to fire deadly cannon balls with a spell! The cannon is controlled by keyboard. Use up and down arrow keys to rotate the Cannon upwards or downwards, then use the space bar to fire. Each cannon boulder shot uses 2 pieces of gold, each cannonball shot uses 4 pieces of gold. You have 6 trusty soldiers to call upon! Each with their own unique qualities. Once you have the required gold you can hire them by clicking on their icon, apart from the archer and wizard which is bought by being dragged onto the game area. Archers and wizards can only be dropped on your own territory, and will automatically fire when an enemy is in range! You can build walls, and towers! There are 3 building blocks you can use. A wooden block, a stone block and a wooden plank used to create a roof or floor. Archers and wizards can be placed high on these for a good defence! Be mindful that you can only build on your own territory! This is marked out by the enemies flag roughly half way between you and the enemy king. You can build to the left of this flag, but not further. There are 3 magical scrolls that can be bought. The first upgrades your cannon to fire cannon balls. The 2nd gives your soldiers a magical shield for a limited time, and the 3rd increases the rate at which your gold increases. * Quest For Power 2 is controlled via mouse or keyboard. * Scroll the screen by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen and clicking, or by pressing the left/arrow keys or the a/s keys. Zoom the screen out/in by pressing '-' or '+', or to zoom all the way out press '0' or all the way in with '9'. * Aim the cannon by using the up/down arrow keys, and space ba...

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