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This game was made kinda in a rush for Mini Ludum Dare #42. The theme was 'Earth will be destroyed / Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy'. Although I didn't know much about 'Hitchhiker's Guide', I decided to make the game based on that. To play, you just type the name of planet, press [ENTER], and a spaceship will pick you up and drop you there. Aliens give you clues to know where to go. Your ultimate goal is to find the 'dream planet'. If you need help, go to planet TUTORIAL. Please note that the game has been severely altered after first release to allow a new feature. Basically, if you find an empty planet, you could occupy it and put your own alien with its own dialog. (you can change the look of the alien). To do that, you would need to play the game from Newgrounds and be logged in as a Newgrounds user. The game now has more than 500 planets created by users.. In this game, you hitchhike from planet to planet, getting clues from aliens on which planets to go to....

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