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Stickman Freestyle BMX

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The original idea of game is to remind players games with proper freestyle contests and get it on even higher level. You can compete in different types of contests(Big Air Contest, Freestyle Freeride, U-Ramp), travel around the world and visit different enviroments(Desert, Winter Mountains, Jungle, City or Pirate Ship). When you are tired from doing tricks and your heavy combos, you can explore game areas and try to collect artefacts hidden in every level. This reminds trial bike game.In every level is a set of objectives to complete it is not just plain racing with tricks and combos. You unlock new game character for every few completed objectives. Some characters are required to complete certain objectives. But the tricks and combos are still the core of this game. With every trick the adrenaline level rises and when it is full, you enter Adrenaline rush with increased speed and acceleration.You get review from jury containing 7 people after every level, when you see low rating, take a look at the judge and see what he/she likes and play for him/her next time.There are 13 freestyle tricks to master, but don't be afraid of controls, you will learn them gradually, from simple one key tricks to complicated ones. There is also alternative set of controls, so it doesn't matter if you are used to ASDW or Arrows and if you are left/right handed.Are you a freestyle gaming PRO or only a casual player looking for some bike freestyle fun? Don't worry the game has 3 difficulty settings with different game behavior from 'hard to die' to 'die all the time'. Learn the game with easy difficulty and then get better highscores on Normal/Hard setting.Do you have to share your computer with someone else who wants to play this game too? Let him simply create his own profile, there are 5 savegame slots.If you have trouble to win, take a look and buy new bike and keep your bike fully upgraded, you can upgrade most of its properties.Need some boost for your speed? Take Turbo crate and yo...

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