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「tROLL gAME」 is not a game, it's a comic about a game and this is an animation about a comic about a game... the title is somewhat misleading.. 'Ryan may be one huge snarky asshole, but at least he's a smart funny snarky asshole. 「tROLL gAME」 is his comic that throws political correctness out the window, everyone is a target in his comic including himself. Frankly it's kinda refreshing to read something different from the regular pretentious humor that's supposed to be offensive, but pulls it's punches. The artwork fluctuates but overall it's pretty solid, anyway the art comes second to the story which is ridiculous and filled with esoteric references, surprisingly cruel vulgar jokes, and some mild commentary on the media. It's mean spirited, but damn is it funny.' -celx-requin...

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