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Undercover Cops

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Undercover Cops is an arcade-style beat 'em up video game. You will control city sweepers, a police agent-like group who fight crime by destroying thugs in New York City of the year 2043. You’ll fight strange mole creatures and mutants with jet packs and blades for hands. It’s impossible to use enemy weapons, but the stages contain objects that can be picked up and used instead such as burning oil drums, steel girders, long concrete columns that shatter on impact, boxes of hand grenades and fish. The characters eat mice, frogs, birds and snails to restore their health. Go through the game's five stages, defeating enemies along the way and destroying the end-of-level boss before proceeding to the next stage. Along the way, weapons such as fish, rocks, i-beams, cars, and more can be used.. [ Start ] : Enter [ Space ] : Insert Coin [ Arrows ] : Move [ X ] : Attack [ C ] : Jump. (Arcade, Action, Beat Em Up, Game)...

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