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Unfairy Tales

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Rating: 3.3/5 (3 votes cast)

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Young Alan is misteriously transported to the magic world of DreamLand, where the characters from the most famous fairy tales live in terror, subdued by a frightful tyrant. The kid, helped by a bunch of valiant companions, will undergo the greatest journey of all times to free the fairy people from oppression. Unfairy tales of slumber and dreams is an articulated Japanese style RPG game (JRPG) wich offers the players these features: 2 exploration modes (world map and place map) 2 explorable kingdoms, with unique towns and locations Battle mode with turn-based fights up to 6 usable characters every character has its own attacks and a special attack plenty of weapons and armors more than 30 different items that can be used 75 different magic powers to use 42 types of enemies, each with unique characteristics more than 10 hours of gameplay interaction with the inhabitants of the Land of Dreams secret characters and optional quests . Enter a twisted fairy tale world in this epic JRPG !...

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