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Are you a vampire fan? Do you drink blood? Are you a real vampire? Then you are playing the right game. Creating your own Vampire Avatar is easy, fun and free. With this dressing up like game you can just pick and mix the vampire body parts and when done click on the save button to get your vampiric score and to store the final avatar on your computer. That easy! Then you can use your new Vampire Avatar on your website, social network, instant messaging program, ... and start biting and turning into Vampires all your friends! Muahahahaha! On a more technical (boring) not, this vampire avatar creation game actually have two separate components, the Flash user interface itself and a back-end collection of avatar images we will be adding on. As for the point of release of the Flash user interface, there are 13,025 (that once combined with the available skin colours go up to 138,275) unique avatar bits to choose from! That give you the opportunity of building about 7.49 * 10e38 different avatars! Enjoy!. Vampiretar is a dress-up game where your goal is to create a vampire avatar. Once the avatar is finished and scored you can save it, for you to use as profile picture on your favourite social network. With Vampiretar you are not only going to have a bit of fun but you also have the possibility to become the envy of all your friends!...

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