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Virological War

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Trailer About Virological War Virological War is an real time strategy game. You are the white blood cells and you are defending the red blood cells. All other colors are the enemy. You must capture all cells to beat the level. You must think on your feat to quickly form strategies in order to beat the enemy. This game features a state-of-the-art AI system that will challenge even the best players, but not until the last few levels. The AI is smart enough to give good players a challenge while letting not-so-good players enjoy the game without being destroyed. This is a great game for everyone! How To Play To play, click on your base(any of your bases). Your bases are red. Once you have clicked on your base, move the mouse over an enemy's base(and enemy's base is any color but red). Once over the enemy's base, click on it and the troops will attack. Half the troops from your selected base are sent. To send troops from multiple bases, you can click anywhere(except a base) and drag the mouse. As you drag, you will highlight your bases. Once you have selected the bases you wish to use to attack, release your mouse over nothing. Then click on the enemy's base. If you release the mouse over a base, the troops will be sent there. To support a base, click on any other base, then click on the base you wish to support. Troops will be sent to the base, and you will be able to fend off greater attacks. The Shop The shop sells upgrades for money. You can buy speed upgrades to make your troops move faster. This is useful when you are fighting over long distances. The growth upgrade allows you to generate more white blood cells to fight with. This will let you get more troops to fight with faster. The defense upgrades will give your bases and extra defensive boost. You will be able to defend off larger amounts of viruses than your base has. The attack upgrade will make each cell fight better. When you attack, each cell you send can take out more...

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