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Whirled Werewolf

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Slay Werewolves/Kill Villagers Requires minimally 6 people to play, and plays a lot better with 9+. Back Story Your village has been cursed with werewolves. They come out at night when everyone is sleeping and kill one villager. During the day you and the mob of angry villagers decide to lynch someone that you are sure is a werewolf. You have hope though. Your village has been blessed with a seer, who can divine if a villager is a werewolf or not. But how will you know who is the seer? Who will you believe? How to Play You need a minimum of six people to play and more are better. At the start of the game you will be assigned a role: Werewolf As a werewolf your goal is to conceal your identity and kill all the villagers. Werewolves can communicate privately via a werewolf chat feature. Seer As a seer you are a special villager with the ability to divine who is werewolf and who is not. Villager Villagers are the majority of players in the game. The rest of the game is played in night and day phases. Night Phase Werewolves While everyone is sleeping decide upon a victim with your fellow werewolves. You do this by clicking on the name on the board you want to kill. Seer While everyone is sleeping divine the true identity of a villager. You do this by clicking on the name on the board you want to know the true identity of. The answer is only given to you. What you do with the information is up to you. Villager A villager has nothing to do at night but wait for the morning. Day Phase At the beginning of this phase everyone wakes up to find someone has been killed and what that person's true identity was. Then, everyone votes on who they think is a werewolf. Vote by clicking on the board. Other villagers will see who is voting for whom. Villagers can talk and say who they think is what. If you are killed, please do not try and ruin the game by participating in the discussion. Game End ...

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