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1. Use Arrow Keys to move the cube. Press Space or Use Left Click to select the cube. Use the Numeric keys(1-6) to rotate the scene in 3d!2. Collect the Letters by moving the single/double(vertical) cubes onto the letter.3. Put the cubes into the holes(blueish Tiles) carefully to form a legitimate word.4. You can reset any level by pressing the Reset button anytime.5. Use the HINT button if you can't guess the correct word. 6. Use the Switch to open/close the bridge. Double cubes must stand vertically on the switch to activate/deactivate the bridge.7. Weak Tiles: Double cubes can not stand vertically on these tiles.8. Split Tiles: Splits the Double cubes into single ones!9. Pink Tile: Shuffles/Swaps the letters of the double cubes.10. Bridge Cubes: Drop these cubes to create your own bridge!11. Scoring:i. You will loose 10 points per move!ii. Every use of HINT will cause you a penalty of 50 points! Every level win will give you a bonus of 1000 points!. An spectacular 3D Puzzle game. Collect the letters from the tiles using the cubes and form a valid word by placing the cubes in the designated blue tiles. A game full of logic, mind-bending puzzles and perplexing predicaments....

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